5 Cool Laptop Bags to Make Work Fun

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 28/10/19, 9:00 am
8 Cool Laptop Bags to Make Work Fun

Going to work every day with a smile and a positive attitude can be a struggle. No matter where you are working from - an office, a cafe, on a plane - work is work! But, one way to add a little bit of joy to your normal work routine is by having a fun and exciting laptop bag to hold your computer! You have no idea how much a vibrant laptop bag can transform your attitude towards heading to work. 

This not only adds some excitement to an essential work item but also can add some style and fun to your whole look. Find various laptop bags with quirky prints and vibrant colors, that perform just as well - if not better - than a boring black one. 

Check out all our favorite fun laptop bags to amp up your boring workday. 

5 Laptop Bags That Make Work Fun

1. Foral Print

A floral print laptop bag is the perfect work bag accessory that is both practical and fun. Carrying this to work every day will without a doubt put you in a great mood and start the workday off right. Not only will it make you feel good, but it is also the perfect pop of color and statement piece that will bring your outfit to the next level. 

Be fearless and try out this exciting print, you will not be disappointed. 

2. Unique Designs

If you love all things quirky then this is the laptop bag you need. Finding one with a unique design will ensure that every time you are carrying your laptop your look has a head-turning element. Since this laptop bag is more out there and flashy it is best to style it with something more subtle like a black midi dress. This results in a work-appropriate look that has a perfect touch of excitement. 

3. Stripes 

If the other designs mentioned previously are a little too out there for you, try out stripes! This is more subtle and 'normal' than other quirky designs, but it still keeps the fun and carefree feel. 

If you choose a laptop bag with a strap you can carry it like a purse and even fit some other essentials in the bag! 

4. Colorful and Simple 

Prints aren't for everyone, and some people feel most comfortable with neutral hues like black, brown, and white. But, we want to break this cycle of choosing boring and sad colors for accessories and try something new. A laptop case with one solid bright color is a great choice!

You can find cases in all types of colors and hues and can go as bright and loud as you want, or as subtle and soft as you please. The choice is up to you and this is the best way to break free from the boring colors into something a little more fun. 

5. Pastels

Now, if the solid bright color is not for you, you can always try another way to incorporate colors into your bag. This is best done by finding a pastel color instead of a bright and vibrant one. 

Pastels give the most gentle and luxurious look that is work appropriate and looks amazing with any outfit.

Having a fun and exciting laptop case may seem like a simple change in your life, but it will do wonders to your work mood. Seeing bright colors and happy hues can alter your mood, which is needed before a long workday.

It is time to change our work mindset and be exciting for the day to come. We do this with quirky and fun laptop cases, and you should too! 

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