5x Our favourite raincoats for women

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 06/06/18, 12:00 am

Throughout the monsoon season there is one key wardrobe item that you cannot, must not and shall not forget about: raincoats for women! It’s your bare essential, your wardrobe staple, it’ll be your very best friend. And so it’s important to find one that fits your style, taste, but most importantly the rest of your closet.

There are quite some styles of coats to choose from and today we’re breaking those down, one by one, so you could have your pick. We’re analyzing the colours and materials of each style. That way, you’ll rock monsoon season in your best rainwear gear.

Our favourite styles are:

  1. Trench coat

  2. Windbreakers

  3. Matt coats

  4. Cropped coats

  5. Transparent coats


5 x The Best Raincoats for Women Styles

For the classic lovers

First up on our list is the classic of all classics: the trench coat. It’s a great cotton style for that in-between kind of weather, when it’s damp but not actually raining and you’re looking for a quick yet stylish cover to throw on. Wear this British all-time favourite in iconic beige, contemporary red or basic black, or experiment with pink, white or a pattern for a surprising look.

Sport away

If you’re not much of a girly-girly kind of style and prefer something a bit more masculine, the windbreaker is probably the best fit for you. With a zip and two pockets it’s more about functionality, but it’s also always fashionable. Wear them with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers for a casual look. These polyester raincoats will keep you dry once it’s raining and also quite cool thanks to the thin fabric.

The contemporary

One that’s quite new on the market is the matt raincoat. The cotton on the inside and polyester on the outside combination is the perfect mix with this style. Personally it’s my favourite - I love myself some matt fashion - and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. You can truly wear this one with anything you please; the contrast between a nice dress and this boyish style will add a spark to your outfit.

Petites rejoice

As a petite myself I know how hard it is to find any coat that fits perfectly. They’re usually way too long, too big around the shoulders and can we not talk about the sleeves? Sigh. Luckily for us, cropped anything is slowly becoming a trend-turned-style instead of a forgotten trend. Same goes with raincoats for women, you’ll find plenty of choice here. Simply pick your favourite colour and you’ve got yourself well-fitting rainwear.

Show off your look

With these transparent raincoats you can show off what you’ve got on underneath. They’re practical, stylish and on trend. Play around with the different colours and pick something unusual for a unique look. How about blue or green? Those will make a statement. But if you’re more low-key, opt for simple transparent or basic white.

For a rainproof look - don’t forget about rain shoes!

I know, I know, you’re not a 10-year-old, but come on, have you had a look at these rain shoes before? I bet you haven’t. Because if you had, you’d have seen how stylish they are and how simply you can add them to your daily wear. Opt for black (shiny) wellingtons, high leg or in chelsea style to add to your rainwear.

Prepping for monsoon season isn’t a joke - this period of the year when it just doesn’t stop raining it’s important to have your rain wardrobe on point. With these 5 raincoats for women styles and these rain shoes you’re already on your way.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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