6 Unexpected Wardrobe Staples You Can Wear All Year

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 04/02/20, 9:30 am
6 Unexpected Wardrobe Staples You Can Wear All Year-280

As the new year begins, it seems like the only remedy for our January blues is to shop. Shop like crazy. Sales are everywhere and that whole ‘New Year New Me’ thing Is getting to our heads. Scrolling and clicking a few buttons on our lunch break to buy new things is simply a lot easier than quitting that one (or three) sneaky glass of wine you drink on Thursday nights. But let's just take second to breathe here, you don’t need an entirely new wardrobe you need a few wardrobe staples. Not just any key pieces, but essentials you can buy now and wear all year. 

These women’s wardrobe staples are not only good for this winter but will have your back during all four seasons depending on how you style them (and whether you have extreme weather conditions that makes it unbearable to wear anything more than a flimsy slip dress and slippers). 

I bet you’re thinking “Ah, here we go again: someone to tell me a plain white T-shirt is going to change my life.” I mean yes, a gorgeous-quality plain white t-shirt really does have that power - but I figured you already knew this. So I picked women’s wardrobe essentials that are a little bit different and maybe a little bit unexpected. Still, they offer a plethora of styling combinations and can work as your mainstays for the whole year. Let’s get right to it. 

1. A denim Shirt

You’ve heard it before, you’ve probably tried it before: the button-up shirt and its sophisticated yet casual flair. Well, have you tried the denim shirt? I love the relaxed quality of this women’s wardrobe essential, I love how it makes me feel like I’m in a 90s rom-com matched with a scrunchy and mom jeans. Layered with a long sleeve striped shirt in winter and unbuttoned with a little peek of your bralette in Spring or tied at the waist in summer, you’ll be wearing this all year. I’d recommend finding a denim shirt that is oversized as this really gives it that relaxed nostalgic feel. 

2. A Striped Top (but make it colourful) 

Ah, the Breton stiped top or as some like to call it: the uniform for French girls and those who like to dress like them. Stripes will always give off a classic feel but you don’t have to go the traditional way, don’t be afraid to go the colourful way. In my opinion, wardrobe staples really don’t need to be plain and basic colours. You can style a bright red or pastel pink just as easily as a blue and white stripe and as a bonus, your outfit will look less like a stylish yet standard look and more like you have your own style. 

3. The Little Black Dress Antidote 

If I hear little black dress one more time I might just roll up in all my floral dresses and never come out to see sunlight again. Yes, a black dress is great to have, but it doesn’t have to be ‘little’ and actually it doesn’t have to be black either. Again, I’m here to tell you that for something to be versatile and easy to pair it doesn’t have to be plain. It should make you glow. A compliment machine. An instant-smile-on-passerby dress. A dress that shows off who you are but makes you look unreal. In all honesty, this dress isn’t going to be a simple black shift dress, it’s going to have print and colour you’ll love. To make sure though you really can wear it more often go for a silhouette that is comfortable and easygoing. So no deep-V cuts, maxi lengths, impractical loops and ties or anything like that.

4. A Chic Black Jumpsuit 

If you are adamant on the colour black, to be fair it is still a style saviour, then go for a chic black jumpsuit as one of your next women’s wardrobe-essentials. Jumpsuits are flattering things that like the little black dress antidote, will cause a rainstorm of compliments as soon as you put it on. Even though a jumpsuit isn’t exactly the boldest of style moves, it still feels slightly unexpected for different occasions like the office, a party or even a Spring lunch date. Go for one that is well-tailored and fits around the body in a way that’s not too loose or not too tight anywhere. Going for a sleeveless option means you can wear it summer and layer it in winter. The best part? Most of the time you don’t even need to think so much about styling and can slip this on without thinking much about it. 

5. Statement Earrings 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of classic hoop earrings or subtle studs, but I’m like the number one fangirl of statement earrings. Statement earrings are like a magic wand for your outfit. Can’t seem to stop wearing white T-shirts and jeans? Add a pair of statement earrings. Bored of wearing that same dress again you wore to the last dinner party? Add a pair of statement earrings. Need something to distract from your unwashed hair because your dry shampoo was finished? Statement earrings. I don’t think I need to say more. 

6. Flats that aren’t sneakers, but aren’t really ballerinas either 

I know, it’s hard. With so many sneakers out there right now it’s easy to be more than fine with just slipping into these comfortable buddies all year round. Besides, these wardrobe staples can look sharp in quality leather and versatile as much. But what If I told you there’s a shoe out there that can offer you the same comfort but just switches it up a little more? For your footwear rotation, I can highly recommend finding a pair or slightly-quirky, totally stylish leather flats. Go for quality leather that feels buttery soft, colours that are easy to style and structured designs with details like square toes that make them slightly more edgy than classic ballerinas.

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