How to style: The asymmetrical dress

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 25/02/19, 2:09 pm

While fashion goes and comes back around, moving in circles, trends tend to be revamped over and over again, usually with a slight alteration to the last time. So once a new trend is discovered, you can guess I’m pretty excited to try it out. So when the asymmetrical hemline, mismatched sleeves or use of different materials in the same colour to create a contrast were revealed to be the next big trend I couldn’t stop myself: the asymmetrical dress seems to be the summer dress for the year. Styling it is actually pretty easy - the dress speaks for itself and the only addition really are accessories and footwear. Nevertheless, there are plenty of styling options and I want to ease up on you by sharing my favourite three.

asymmetric dress

Styling the asymmetrical dress

First of all you should find a dress that you like, of course! If you know me by now you must know I’m all about black - always and anywhere - so it’s no surprise I chose black dresses. Don’t be afraid to use colours, though, when styling! Add a pop of colour every time to cheer it up.

Now - to the styling.

To a party

Styling this dress to a party is really easy. The dress does most of the talking for you - so you should only add a pair of heeled gladiator sandals. I’m a huge fan of gladiator sandals lately; they can be casual but also add a luxury spark to your look, depending on what you wear them with. When you wear them with the asymmetrical dress, they add some texture to the outfit. Now, keep the accessories simple - a minimalist necklace and a minimalist bangle should do it. Don’t forget a clutch - add a bit of colour to the outfit by choosing a white one, or a pastel coloured one.

Daily wear

For day to day outfits you can go a bit more casual - choose a dress that is a bit more covering, perhaps, and mostly, maybe a bit more comfortable to go through the day with. Add a pair of ankle boots, now - don’t be that surprised - yes, I chose a purple pair (gasp!). I loved the material, I think suede fits quite well with this dress. Now to the accessories. One of this year’s sunglasses trends is the round sunglasses. If you’ve got a round face, this might indeed not be for you. But for any other face shape - have a go with a pair of round sunglasses this summer. I found this pair of purple sunglasses which matches the colour of the ankle boots really well. Finally, a handbag cannot be missed. I’ve picked a gray one, perfect for balancing the purple.

A formal event

You’d might think such a dress isn’t appropriate for a formal event, but it’s really all about styling. Pick a dress that covers more and yet is still elegant. Style it with belts for women to accentuate your waist. You can pick a brightly coloured belt to focus on your waist even more, but you can also opt for black belts for women to accentuate just a bit. Add a pair of basic black heels and, yes, you guessed it, a black clutch. What can I do, I’m just a black-on-black lover. With a pair of statement earrings your formal look is complete.

With these looks I’m sure you can find a styling option you prefer. Whether that’s with a pair of gladiator sandals, the latest round sunglasses or would like to experiment with belts for women, the asymmetrical dress is here to stay, I’m sure.

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