Bridal lehengas X 2018 trends

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 06/04/18, 11:08 am

We’re quite some time away from wedding season, we’re fully aware, but for those brides-to-be bridal edits can never arrive early enough! Clearly you need all the information you can get your hands on to prepare for the best day of your life. It will only happen once, and so it’s important that every little detail is perfect. Whether you’re a traditional bride or are looking for something a bit more modern for your wedding wear, this edit will help you sort out some of your thoughts on bridal wear.

Bridal lehengas X 2018 trends

What styles of bridal lehengas are we wearing in 2018?

The fashion trends 2018 that have an impact on bridal wear

This year, bridal lehengas have been inspired by the fashion trends 2018 offer us. We’re no longer wearing solely red, but branching out into every colour that you can think of. Go with shades of blue, pink, orange…

  • Pastel shades - If you’re looking for a soft colour, look no further. Shades of pastel green and purple were everywhere.

  • Statement belts - Wear them high waisted, preferably in a corresponding shade as the rest of your bridal lehengas.

  • Embellishments - So you can sparkle even more on your big day.

Bridal hair accessories you simply must consider for your bridal wear

We’re staying in line with the fashion trends 2018 offers us and so the bridal hair accessories we’re focusing on this year are Maang Tikkas with pastel shaded drops to match the bridal lehengas and heavy Matha Pattis with multiple Kundan Strings. With these bridal hair accessories you will not go wrong!

Bridal lehengas X 2018 trends

Preparing for the big day can feel exhausting because of all the wedding planning, but make sure that searching for your wedding wear and the process of putting together your wedding look remains fun! As after all, the day only lasts.. a day. And you should enjoy your time preparing for it just as much as the day itself!

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