6 Types of Heels Every Girl Should Own

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 15/10/19, 11:00 am
7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

Heels are one of the most important types of shoes a woman can own. They are such a statement-making shoe that has the ability to make women look and feel her very best. Heels can also be worn in every situation and for every occasion, they are the most versatile shoe on the market and we love that about them! They can be dressed up or down and can be the final touch to make any outfit look complete and high fashion.

The best thing about heels is that there are so many different styles and high heeled options. That means you can fully fall into your heel obsession without having too many of the same styles. 

It is time to let your heel obsession run wild and try out some of the hottest heels trends of the year! 

6 Heels You Need

High Heeled Ankle Boots

7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

High Heeled Boots are one of the hottest heel trends of the year. Everyone loves classic boots, and with the added heels you get a more sophisticated and high-end look. These are also one of the most comfortable heeled shoes because they close in your foot and keep everything stable! 

The best part? They can be worn in warm and cold weather conditions! Pair them with a skirt on warmer days and with long trousers on colder days and you have your look. You can also find heeled ankle boots in a variety of colors, styles, and platform sizes so you can be very creative with this shoe type! 

Kitten Heels

7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

Kitten Heels are an underrated high heel that doesn't get enough credit for being practical yet stylish. A kitten heel has a small heel but this doesn't take away from the classy and elegant vibes they give off. It almost makes them more day time appropriate! Meaning you can wear these heels to run to a coffee shop and look very good while doing so. 

These can be paired with any outfit in your wardrobe. But, we love to style kitten heels with some high waisted boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt. This is the perfect casual-chic look that looks like it is straight from fashion week. 

Square Toed Heels

7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

This is one of the newest high heel trends that has emerged - Square toed heels. These heels can come in all different styles and designs, but the one commonality is the square-toed front of the shoe. This offers a very unique yet subtle change to a classic heel and we are obsessed! 

Square toes are one of the hottest trend developments of the new year and you need to try them out! Style them with some formal trousers and some trendy sunglasses for a well-rounded look that can be worn all day and night. 

Heel Details

7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

Now, we don't like to pick favorites, but if we had to pick our favorite heels of right now it would be detailed ones. And not just any details but ones with unique heel details! These heels are so fun and we cannot get over some of the designs. This is the perfect way to add some excitement to your looks and draw the eyes to your fancy heels.

 Style them with an asymmetrical dress for a look that is fun and unexpected from head to toe. This offers the best twist on a classic heel we have ever seen! 

Material Heels

7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

Heels come in a variety of different styles and we love that! And until recently they had come in a very few amounts of materials. But times have changed and shoes are now being created in unconventional materials such as velvet and silk, which is an exciting texture change and can completely transform a classic heel. 

You can wear these heels with any outfit you own. For a fun texture and material twist, you can wear different materials on your shoes and your clothing! 

Pointy Toed Heels

7 Types of Heels Every Girl Needs in Their Life

Pointy toed heels are one of the more intimidating heels to test out. But fear not, when you wear them you achieve a level of authority and power that is unmatched by other heels. They are a sure way to make your look more classy and you will surely make a statement. 

Don't be afraid to wear these with any outfit. If you want everyone to take notice and show off the heels to the fullest style them with a midi skirt. If you want a more casual and subtle look pair them with jeans

If you are anything like us you will be jumping to get your hands on some of these trendy heels! They are all so beautiful and unique and we are obsessed, to say the least. If you are thinking about starting a high heel collection or looking to expand your current one, we highly recommend you start with some of these.

Shoe lovers unite over our shared love for everything shoe! Happy shoe shopping!

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