Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 10/10/19, 9:11 am
Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

Anklets are back in style and are quickly becoming one of the hottest accessories of the season. They are the perfect sublet yet classy piece of jewelry to add to your look. Plus, there are so many different types of anklets and different ways to style them. If you couldn't already tell, we are obsessed, and you should be too! 

Since there are so many styles, colors, materials, and types of anklets finding the perfect one for your tastes can be a challenge. But today we want to help you with finding the best anklets for you and how to style them in unique ways.

How to style an Anklet 

Anklet With Chunky Sneakers

Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

Today women are going beyond regular fashion trends and norms and going for some different and more unique accessory looks. One of these is anklets with sneakers! The sneaker anklet combo is the perfect mix of casual and chic, and we are totally obsessed with it.

With this combination, you can wear any type of anklet you prefer whether it be chunky, dainty, or with fun decor on it. Whatever your style, it will work.  



Barefoot anklets usually come with a toe ring attachment and have their roots deeply embedded in the Indian culture. They are culturally used as a part of the bride's attire and are super charming. If you have a wedding coming up or will be spending on time on the beach a barefoot anklet is the best option as you can walk around with no shoes and show off your beautiful bling. 

You can choose from a variety of styles so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. It doesn't matter if you want one with more of less bling, there is always an option available, and no matter what your feet will look gorgeous.

Layer it up 

Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

Layering is a more modern take on anklets. But, you can't just layer any type of anklets with one another, its an art and the ones your pair together should be matched with care. You can either purchase an anklet that is already stacked or find a few similar anklets and put them together. 

Either way, stacked anklets are a great way to show off your creativity and personality in a subtle yet fashionable way. Style stacked anklets with flats or high heels to fully show off your look. 

We love stacking dainty anklets to create a fun look that's unexpected. You can either pair dainty anklets by themselves or stacked which is perfect. 

Dainty with Heels

Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

Dainty anklets are one of our favorites because they can be worn in so many different ways. They also give your look such an elegant and posh feel that we love! When dainty anklets come to mind we always think of pairing them with some stylish heels. This is the best way to draw attention to your stunning shoes in a luxurious way. 

Dainty anklets are also the best way to make your feet look more delicate and high end without doing much. If you are new into anklets or want to try out the trend we recommend you start off with a simple, dainty one! 

Mix & Match

Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

Mixing and matching anklets is much like layering but with a small twist. Mixing and matching refers to mixing the materials and metals! Such as wearing both gold and silver anklets together! This is a fun trend that offers an unexpected twist to a classic look. 

You can style this look with whatever you'd like and you can even mix and match your other jewelry pieces to match. 

Anklet Over Boots

Of all the anklet trends this is the most unusual. It involves styling a chunky anklet over a pair of boots! We are obsessed with this look because it offers such a twist compared to the other styles. It is ultra-high fashion and it can completely transform your look.

The best part is that it draws people's attention to your footwear. And if you are spending on a pair of nice high-end boots you want people to look! 

Fun Designs 

Anklets are in and we have all the style secrets

In the end, anklets are meant to be fun and playful. They are a way to dress up your lower body and give it some accessory attention that it deserves! That is why wearing anklets with fun designs, unique beads, or bright colors are encouraged! There is no wrong way to wear these fun anklets but there are some ways to amplify their decorative value. 

You should style them with a pair of neutral-colored capris and dainty heels so there isn't too much going on. This also brings all of the attention to the anklet and there are no distractions. 

Anklets are a never-ending trend that keeps on giving and evolving. There is always a new style to wear and a new way to wear them. We love this about anklets. Restyling a classic piece into new and innovative ways is our favorite. 

Be sure to try out some of these anklet styles during this season and see where they take you. I'm sure you will get a ton of compliments on your unique and beautiful ankle wear. 

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