Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's

By Jasmine Mousavi | Ads Disclosure | 20/01/20, 10:58 am
Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's-268

Welcome back to the wild Seventies.

Retro style is experiencing a revival this year, and we could not be more excited. The retro look is a trend that you should definitely try and incorporate into your personal style! 

The fashion of the seventies was comfortable, casual and a conglomeration of the previous hippie look of the 60s and the basics of the 50s. Everything revolved around patterns, earth tones, and bright colors. The wide cuts show that comfortable clothing was used at the time. Pants, suits, jumpsuits, and skirts were all cut wide and thus ensured maximum comfort. 

I'll show you all the essentials you need to create a great 70s retro style for yourself!

Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's-268

1. Wide legged trousers

Bell pants and wide flare trousers are the must-have of the 70s retro style and are one of the absolute basics. They are available in different materials and colors, from denim to linen to fabric and cord - you are spoiled for choice!

It is best to combine the wide trousers with a crop top and a jacket, so you spice up the outfit and achieve the ultimate 70s style. Add a pair of ankle boots or sneakers and your look is complete

Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's-268

2. Cord

Cord was one of the main trends of the seventies, the fabric not only hugs your skin but also has a great look. As we saw last autumn, cord is a popular trend at the moment, which is available in all possible colors and designs.

Regardless of whether you stick to the classic brown corduroy trousers or opt for an extraordinary colorful corduroy jacket - with this trend you can create many great, individual looks. It is best to implement this trend in the mix'n'match style and combine corduroy pants with a knitted sweater because this way you achieve a great contrast! 

Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's-268

3. Shrill prints, contrasts, and patterns

Paisley patterns were the hallmark of the 70s retro style, so it is hardly surprising that this pattern, along with other patterns, will be seen more often in 2020. 

Shrill psychedelic prints were also an essential part of the style at that time. It is all about creating stark contrasts and visually standing out from the crowd with this special feature. With bright colors and patterns, you are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher! It is best to combine a sweater or a top with a shrill pattern into pants in a neutral color such as black or beige. 

Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's-268

4. Pantsuits

In the 70s, trouser suits were virtually reinvented for women, since in that time it was a mainly male-dominated working world, women wanted to adapt accordingly with their clothing. The cuts of the suits and blazers were closely based on those of the men and, thanks to accessories such as vests and ruffled blouses, pantsuits became a feminine look for smart and trendy women. 

Pantsuits were available in different colors, depending on the season, rich colors such as burgundy and dark green, as well as pastel shades, were extremely popular.

Blazers and pantsuits are still a must-have today, with which you can not only create office looks, but also elegant everyday outfits. They are a timeless key piece that you are never wrong with! This year, variations are particularly trendy, combining suits with those components that give them a cool touch. Spice up this look by wearing sneakers with a pants suit or a crop top under your blazer and give the outfit some freshness!

Retro Style | Essentials of the 70's-268

5. Clogs

It's not just the 70s style clothing that should be as comfortable as possible, but also the shoes. 

Clogs were a hot trend that would not be missing from the feet of a style-conscious woman from the seventies. Clogs were first worn by workers in Sweden and the Netherlands before they became really popular with the hippies and spread like a real fashion trend. The hallmarks of the clogs, which make them look very distinctive, are wooden soles and a leather strap that keeps the heels free.

The shoes are chunky in shape, but comfortable and very easy to put on and take off, since you only have to slip out of them. Combine the clogs with a basic pair of jeans and provide a cool look that is guaranteed to draw everyone's attention to your feet!

These are the essentials you need for a 70s retro style! Try out the different must-haves, implement them in your wardrobe, play with your style and put together individual looks that are based on the fashion of the seventies. 

This special style is definitely worth trying because the retro style will be a hot trend this year!

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