Already dreaming of Summer? Escape with our tips for pool party outfits!

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 29/05/19, 11:32 am

At the first glimpse of summer, I know that I’m already excited about the summer plans ahead, and first on the agenda for my friend’s and I is a weekend escape out of the city and straight to a pool party, but maybe you’re heading to one of the Philly or Vegas pool parties? 

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Pool Party Outfit Ideas

If you’re also way too excited for the summer ahead and thinking of ways to refresh your wardrobe - from weekend breaks to beach clubs - scroll through some of our outfit ideas.

The difficulty is deciding what kind of pool party guest you’re going to be, are you diving straight into the water or will you be hanging out poolside? Chic, or hot, wet mess? To me, a pool party isn't about sitting in the sun tanning. Instead, I prefer to casually catch the rays whilst chilling poolside with friends, so your pool party outfits should reflect that.

Full Piece Swimsuits

If you aren’t the type of person to bomb straight into the pool but could be tempted to as the day progresses, then I would suggest exploring the range of swimsuits available to you. A swimsuit can double up as a top worn with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts.

2019 Trend x Statement swimsuits by your favorite designers.


Speaking of statement swimsuits, nothing makes more of a statement than lux-swimwear. Lucky for you, Farfetch is on sale! That means you could find yourself some designer pool party outfits up to 50% off! Check out the Farfetch sale today.

Cream of the Crop

I’m a huge fan of crop-tops, so whenever I get the opportunity to wear a loose-fitting crop top with a short skirt, I’ll take it. This is the outfit you will definitely spot me in by the pool, this summer.


Slip Dresses

In muted pastel tones or silky styles, these are one of my favorite dress trends to emerge for the summer. You can throw a casual dress over a bikini, keeping you cool in the sun’s heat. Pair with some lace up sandals if you’re headed somewhere a lil’ more fancy.

pool party outfit

All white everything

This summer, white is the new black where your all-white outfit ideas are great as weekend outfits and for whilst you’re poolside. Why is white perfect choice? Remember how healthy you look, slightly bronzed, against a white top or dress? A lacey, white dress or a white-on-white tee and shorts combo are the way forward this summer!

2019 x This year, you might also start to notice the rise of white bikinis on influencers… do you dare?


Don't forget to accessorize

If you're you're not actually planning to get into the water, then of course this is the perfect opportunity to show off your new sunnies and jewelry. If you're wearing a bikini or swimsuit, you can show off a pair of tassel earrings or stand-out jewelry against your skin - I think it's a winning look. 


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