Trend Watch | 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 03/10/19, 8:23 am
Trend Watch | 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving

It doesn't matter if you are buying an outfit directly from a designer or off the shelf in a store, we all know the types of fabric the clothing is made from makes all the difference! Fabric choice really can make or break how you look in a clothing piece and how you feel. Depending on your likes and dislikes in fashion, some types of fabric are better and some are worse.

In addition to how different types of fabrics can make you feel, some fabrics are more trendy than others. But, there are SO many different materials to choose from and sometimes the options can be overwhelming and confusing. So, we have come up with a list of the most trendy fabrics and a little bit about them to help narrow down your search. 

The Top 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving 


Trend Watch | 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving

Silk is a type of fabric that is both comfortable and chic. It is super lightweight and makes for some very comfortable clothing. Plus, it has superb insulation, meaning it keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Which means having some silk pieces of clothing is ideal because they can be worn year-round. 

Now that we understand how great the fabric is, it is time to talk about its other great quality. How it looks! Silk is a stunning fabric that makes any piece of clothing look expensive. You can also pair a silk shirt with a pair of jeans and it automatically transforms the look from casual to classy. The silk fabric also picks up on any light and makes the piece look as though it is shimmering and shining!

Having a few pieces of silk clothing is a must for a comfortable yet elegant look. Just beware that silk is not the most flattering fabric and if you buy a piece of clothing in silk that is tight it could hug your problem areas. 

Sheer Mesh 

Mesh is another one of the most trendy fabrics of the moment, and what's even better is that it looks great and feels great on clothing. Mesh is one of the types of fabric that is both breathable and doesn't get weighed down by the water. It is also super lightweight, which means that it is perfect for warm temperatures, but it can also be worn in the winter with a chic jacket

This fabric is super cute and adds a playful feel to any piece of clothing. The surprise of skin under the material is exciting and can be toned down by adding something else underneath it. It is actually quite cute and coy to wear additional clothing under the mesh piece and can act as a way of showing skin without being too sexy. 


Trend Watch | 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving

Leather is a timeless fabric that is most well known for being used on jackets. However, recently this fabric has branched from jackets to other pieces of clothing like pants, skirts, and shoes! And we are loving it! Leather has the ability to make anything look high end and expensive, and it doesn't even have to be real leather. Fake leather also looks amazing!

Since leather comes on so many different pieces of clothing it is really easy to make an outfit with it. You can style a leather jacket with a t-shirt and jeans. Leather trousers with a long sleeve shirt. A leather skirt with heels and a jacket. The options are endless! 


Trend Watch | 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving

Velvet is the most luxurious fabric there is! It is a fabric that has been used throughout history for royals and the rich. Thankfully, nowadays the material is for everyone and is found on a wide range of clothing items. The reason for velvet's high praise is because it is extremely soft. So soft that you might even spend all day feeling your clothing. 

The velvet fabric has a bit of texture to it so it is best to wear it with plain pieces like a cotton t-shirt, but if you want to make a statement you can mix textures for an interesting look. 


Trend Watch | 5 Types of Fabric We Are Loving

Metallic fabric is great for making a statement. It is bright, shiny and reflective and is the perfect material for a special occasion. If you want to make an entrance walk into a party wearing a metallic dress and there is a 100% chance that everyone will be looking at you.

If you don't want to make as big of an entrance you can also wear metallic fabric on your accessories. Such as your shoes or purse! This is a more subtle way to incorporate the fabric into your style but still brings a stunning pop of color and playfulness to any look. 

Just be sure to include some solid colors in your look as well, you don't want to end up looking too shiny and bright. 

With so many different and diverse types of fabrics out there it is no wonder we are confused about which ones to buy. Hopefully, with this post, you have learned which ones are on-trend at the moment, and a little bit about why / when to wear them! 

Next time you or someone you know is confused about the different types of fabrics, come back to this post for a brief reminder. 

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