The Hottest Night Out Dresses of the Season

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 17/10/19, 11:00 am
5 of the Hottest Women's Night Out Dresses

Everyone loves a night out on the town. There is nothing better than getting ready to look your best, finding the perfect outfit, and spending time with good company, whether that company is friends or someone special. No matter who you spend your night out with, and no matter what you do we want to make sure your outfit makes a statement and helps you stand out (in a good way).

We at Fashiola know fashion. And we have found the hottest dresses of the season we just HAD to show you! Take some inspiration from these stunning dresses or just wear the exact dresses we have to show, no matter what your look will offer a showstopping look. 

Hottest Night Out Dresses 

Bright and Ruffled

If you really want to make a statement and have all the eyes on you then this dress is for you! The combination of the bright-colored fabric and the ruffled puffed sleeves is stunning and will make you feel like a Hollywood movie star! 

If this exact dress is a little too much for your personal style take some inspiration from it and look for a dress with some of the elements on the dress. For example, finding a dress in a bright color is one way to incorporate this fashion-forward look into something less dramatic.

Style this dress with some dark heels to balance out the look. 

Dark and Detailed

Every woman needs a little black dress in her life. But, a plain LBD can get pretty boring and doesn't make you stand out on a night out as you may want. That is why one of the hottest night out dresses right now is a little black dress with some additional details. The addition of shoulder pads, buttons, and small ruffles amplifies the beauty of a little black dress with a little more personality.

This is a great dress option for anyone needing something a little less bold, while still making a statement. 

Light and Sparkly

If you are heading on a night out and want something that is ultra-trendy and will make you feel like a fancy disco ball, this is the dress for you! This whole dress is covered in sequins giving off a flashy yet classy glow to your whole outfit. A sparkly dress is always a great option for a night out that will make you look and feel like a star.

The best thing about this style of a night out dress is that it is very flattering on all body shapes! Also, it can be paired with tights and a jacket for the colder nights. 

Printed and Classy

For a night out where you would like a more reserved look while still being stylish, this is a great option. The dark color and subtle prints are classy and fashion-forward. While the loose fit and long length is great for remaining modest, or if you just feel like being more covered up. 

This style of night out dress looks great with flats and an anklet. 

Girly and Flowy

If your night out involves something more casual, then a fancy dress isn't the best option, and a more casual dress is best. This style of dress is great because it can be dressed up with heels and a leather jacket or dressed down with flats. 

The subtle pattern on the dress gives it a nice touch of detail that will have people envious of your style all evening. 

Light and Flowy

If you are looking for something that's the ultimate cute, comfy, and stylish dress this one is perfect. The light color gives off a girly and fresh vibe and the flowy fabric is great because it allows you to breathe. This is the best dress if you are planning a night time dinner with friends, or are going on a special first date. Because it is not too over the top! 


Having a few good night out dresses is a must! If you are feeling like you need a new one, or if any of these hot styles have made you envious then it is time to add to your collection. You can either get the exact dress or find a similar one with some elements you love in a dress.

No matter what you wear you will look stunning! Happy dress hunting. 

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